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Hi its me again , Got a few more for you Shawn , and by the way I see
yourself and Joe are setting up  a numiswiki fibula site ,you are welcome
to use any fibula photos I send on that site , all I ask is a description of
what I send for my own records.

Joe Sermarini:
We have a rule that when asking for identification you can only list one item per thread. You are making working, forcing everyone that answers to explain which item they are identifying.

NumisWiki is a wiki that you can also modify. If you have a nice fibula with a good attribution, you should add it to NumisWiki yourself.

Sorry for breaking the rules Joe , I thought I was doing the right thing.
yours and Shawns comments on previous posts led me to that conclution.
 I tried deleting the post,no luck with that.

Joe said ,

Please help make our fibula section the ultimate online resource for fibulae.  Please contribute to these
pages by adding photos and additional information.

Shawn said ,

So in summation please help in any way - add photos, new types, data, corrections, pointing
out typos and errors, etc.  lets make this a complete catalogue of fibulae types and the best fibula
source on the web.

We all live and learn        credi michi

So post your fibula one per thread to continue the discussion....



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