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Copper alloy; 7.4 ounces (212gm) x 48mm/32mm

As seen in the photo, there are a pair of matching cast grooves about the lower circumference.
Above the top, residual remains of a 12mm iron emplacement of some sort.

Other than the old green patina, I have no clue whatsoever as to its era, nor use, other than everything was
created for a specific purpose, you know?

Any help from our experts will be truly appreciated!

Best to all,



Apologies in advance for putting this on the incorrect board. Perhaps one of our moderators can move it?

Anyway, I think I may have found its use. A pommel for a 1st Cent gladius?

Yeah, I know that in all the pix of reconstructed or facsimiles of such gladius, they are always represented as with having a wooden pommel, right?

An iron gladius blade was heavy in hand. Such a pommel would have served as counterbalance, as well as being a crushing weapon too.

Just my thoughts,


Good thinking Kevin. That or a pugio maybe?


Jay GT4:
Interesting piece Kev,

1st century gladii had the tang going through the pommel and then it was peened over to form a nut to hold everything in place.  Maybe from a celtic sword or something later?


In retrospect, Jay, I think you are correct.

I came across this photo showing medieval swords from the Archaeological Museum of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Note the shapes of the pommels are similar to mine and that a few appear to be copper alloy.
Perhaps were closing in?


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