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Herclean follis with countermark?



Today I recieved recently bought Heraclius follis (probably SB 806 from 625/626 /RY XЧI/). Is there a countermark on the obverse or is it just my imagination? I've done my best with the photos, I'm not able to do anything better.

I don't know is it helpful but coin has about 18,3-26,5 mm and 3,5 g.

Thanks for help!

Kevin D:
I don't see a countermark.

I am also not well versed in countermarks, so I could be missing one in your images.

I think your images are good enough to reveal a countermark, or at least the hint of one.

Pekka K:

Those are traces of undertype due weak strike on that part of flan.

Pekka K

Thanks a lot!


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