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Bulla, Boys Amulet, Commodus Denarius inside!



Just sharing, but have any of you ever come across one like this one?

When arrived, I placed it in a bath of Vulpex to remove soften dirt. After removing the compressed flat bulla from the bath, I figured that it was still full of mud, so I used a dental probe just open it enough wash out the rest of the mud. See the 1st photo.

Opening it just a little more, a denarius popped out! The denarius is Commodus with HERCVLI ROMANO AVG; Hercules standing front, head left, crowning trophy, holding lion skin & club.

See the 2nd photo of the denarius after simple tooth brushing. The last photo reflects both bulla and the denarius after minimal cleaning.

Best to all,


Virgil H:
That is very cool!


Jay GT4:

Neat.  I have read about them with tiny lead figures inside or with locks of hair.  The coin is neat.

Bullae were meant as protection for youth until they became adults so the Hercules would make sense - protected by his strength....



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