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Exceptional Phallic Pendent, 1st-3rd Cent AD



Copper Alloy; 22mm/10.7gm

Yes, I know Roman phallic pendants are not dime-a-dozen, yet neither are they exactly scarce.

Just sharing this, as I think it is exceptional for only one reason.

When arrived, the attachment loop was too heavily encrusted and did just not look correct; something was off, but I failed to understand the exact nature of the problem until after more scraping and cleaning.

In the photo, you'll see how it was cast with the original loop, right? But the original loop, for whatever reason, was broken away from the phallus. Perhaps the owner of this good luck charm, rather than buying a new and expensive replacement, just hammered down flat a handy, and common Roman harness ring, and glued it between the two remaining clasp ends?

All that nasty-looking muck seen in the photo is Roman glue! Still as hard as a rock after all these centuries. Amazing, ain't it?

Well, that's my theory, anyway.

Best to all,


A lead-based solder?



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