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Electrum Aspron Trachy of Alexius I Comnenus SBCV-1915


I am getting closer to my goal of completing the 12th century of all denominations from Alexius I post reform to Alexius III.

It is a rare coin because it was one of the first coins of the new denomination Alexius I Comnenus created. Electrum Aspron Trachy. I always figured the coins of Alexius were rarer because the following rulers recycled them. The Electrum trachea (Mix of gold a silver) of Alexius I started at 7 carats, his son John II down to 5 carats and Manuel around the same at 5 carats, As the century continued the gold content dropped to 2.5 carats and ending at Alexius III down to very little or no gold at all. You can see this visually in many examples of the denomination from a very gold coin to a very silvery coin.

The coin was the second highest denomination, 3 of these were equal to a Hyperpyron.

My example was graded as choice Fine with a flan crack, It weighs 4.3gm and 30.07 mm It also has full legends.



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