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Imitative SBCV 2073 John III Hyperpyra


In recent times numerous examples of the copper version of the hyperpyron S.2073 have appeared on the market, featuring various obviously artificial patinas and coatings.
But there are also imitatives in gold as well, and I have now uploaded examples of all the different obverse types that I know of (14 in all) to the Byzantine fake reports.

Ross G.

Thanks for posting Ross, it seems the more popular the coin the more bogus coins appear.  Its so irionic and coin that was coppied from John II by John III is now abundantly forged.

I still have the copper one you pointed out was a copy. It will never see the market again.


Joe Sermarini:
I think it is better to call a fake a fake, rather than an imitative. I find it unclear. For example, at least once very recently, I thought to myself, "is the 'cast imitative' being discussed a modern fake or an ancient imitative?" Looking at the photos made it clear it was fake, but it might be very confusing to a new collector. 

Virgil H:
Your post confused me. I responded here, but just cut the text and am going to make a separate post in a more general category.



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