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Byzantine Greek Legend ΘKE - ROHΘ full words and English Translation


Joe Sermarini:
Need help with the Byzantine Greek legend ΘKE - ROHΘ. What are the full words (assuming it is abbreviated) and the English translation? I am guessing, "God bearer, help us" based on the Virgin Orans. Thanks!

This is a common in the Byzantine world short pray to the Mother of God.  The full form is as follows:
ΘEOTOKЄ BOHΘЄI TⲰ CⲰ ΔOVΛⲰ, short form ΘEOTOKЄ BOHΘЄI and means: "Mother of God (God-Bearer), help your servant" or in the short form simply "Mother of God, help!".

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks. The R for B threw me off.

I myself do not understand why they used R instead of B for this word on coins. This is not an isolated mistake, but a common trend.  In general, another little mystery of Byzantine numismatics :).


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