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Help with Greek translation - C - Φ / N − ∆ - Σταυρε Φυλαττε Nικηφοπον ∆εσποτη


Joe Sermarini:
C - Φ / N − ∆ on the reverse of folles of Nicephorus III  is identified in several sources as Σταυρε Φυλαττε Nικηφοπον ∆εσποτη. As is typical, the English translation is not given. Does it mean, "Cross, keep our ruler victorious" or something else? Thanks for any help you can give. 

Vladislav D:
According to Philip D. Whitting  in " Byzantine Coins"
C- ΣTAYPЄ - May the cross
Ф- ΦYLATTЄ - Protect
N- ΝIKΗΦOPON - Nicephorus
Δ- ΔЄΣΠOTH - Emperor /Despot

Vlad .

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Vlad!


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