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Daniel-Alexandru B:
I recently aquired this Hexagramm from Heraclius. I searched the internet and I didn't find the legend from the Obverse. Could someone help me.
Obverse: dd NN hERACLI Et hERA CON
Reverse: dEUS AdIUtA ROmANIS
Diameter 23,5 mm, 6,8 g.

Thank you!

What is the essence of the question? Are you interested in the full text in Latin or translation?
On the obverse is an abbreviated text in Latin:
"Domini nostri Heraclii et Heraclii Constantini" (Our Lords Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine)
On the reverse "Deus adiuta Romanis" (May God help the Romans).

Latin experts, correct me if I'm wrong!

Is it normal for the edge to look like that?

It is quite normal for hexagramms of this type. It's been often worse.

Daniel-Alexandru B:
Hello and thank you for your answer. I didn't find a Sear-number for this coin. And second I wanted to know how rare is this type of coin.


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