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Red Slip Ware Fragment with Erotic Scene


Hi, all.  Here is a red slip pottery sherd from Caesarea Maritima with an erotic motif.  These seem to be pretty rare.  I searched the New York MMoA and British Museum Collections for parallels without much luck.  The British Museum had a Samian Ware bowl with different erotic scenes and a somewhat similar beaded vertical border, the color a little more orange than mine.  They also show a Central Gaulish Samian fragment with animal scenes and the same kind of vertical lines.  A closer match might be in the Forum gallery of Charles S, described as an Arretine bowl:  Any corrections to the description, and opinions as to type, place of origin, and date would be appreciated.  Thanks, V-drome.

Ceramic Fragment
1st-2nd Century CE?
Red slip earthenware pottery fragment, with
erotic scene and remains of a nearly vertical
longitudinal beaded line border.  Moulded and wheel
made, the interior shows horizontal marks from
the turning process.  Fine-grained, very light
reddish/tan clay with applied red slip.
3.65 x 3.6 x 0.75cm.  Wt: 8.0gm.
Surface find Caesarea Maritima, 1971.
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