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Slavi ??????


Waldemar S:

What do you think about his nation and what age is the from ?

Regards Waldemar

The style is very odd for an ancient item.  I think it is a modern item - 18th-19th century.


Waldemar S:
hmm, actually there are no similar artifacts on the net for the Germanic-Slavic tribes, so it's hard to compare.
 , from the railway, those barbarians in this area in I-III and the confirmed VI century had a very developed metallurgy in this place / confirmed large numbers of smelting furnaces - dimmarks /.
 I also found on the internet figures of Slavic idols found and then redrawn in the 19th century / found in another area /, where the one on the right seems stylistically similar to contemporary people from 11-12 centuries ago?

Possibly.  Hard to get a good impression of what those things really looked like from the line drawings.

To me the style looks like items I have seen in churches in Austria and Slovenia dating to the last few centuries.


Waldemar S:
I chose a comparative example wrong and I have to apologize for this board with drawings , because it is mostly a forgery made in the 18th century by a German goldsmith . But if anyone is interested in it , he will find it on the net by typing idols or snowmen from Prillwitz .

Back to my figurine leaving aside the time of execution , from what periot the person in this figurine may be ? , what do you think about the beard, or maybe its an amulet ? , whether he was holding the flag in his left hand ? , a belt on the hips - maybe it woult be a marker of time ? my great rat  ;).

Would I even ask for your hypothetical suspicions about my unknowns  ?


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