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Need info about antique medal

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Ron C2:
Martyred in 258 under Valerian.

The Basilica of San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura (St. Lawrence Outside the Walls), Rome, was built over his burial place.

It might ba a tourism piece from the Basilica?

Then it is rather gruesome - a gridiron - as St. L was slow roasted over a fire. 


Steve Moulding:
This is a much more recent medal but otherwise a quite similar obverse figure. 1977 N├╝rnberg, commemorating 500 years of the choir at the Lorenzkirche.

Steve Moulding:
1520, also Nurnberg. I think we're getting close.

Steve Moulding:
My final complete guess:

Nurnberg. Around 1500. Given to wealthy citizens of the city who helped finance the building of the choir (the citizens did do that, it seems). The reverse heraldry looks like that belonging to a knight, rampant lion(?) at the top above a knight's helmet(?), combined with possibly the ecclesial heraldry of the lorenzkirche below. "EK" may be the donor's initials? Or the bishop's (or bishop-equivalent). This is likely all completely wrong.

The image here is from a ~1500 book of the heraldry of the families of Nuremberg, now in the library of congress. The rampant animal looks a bit different, but many variations can be seen in the book.



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