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Need info about antique medal

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Jose L:
Thank you very much for such amount of information. You all are amazing. I really appreciate it.

Steve Moulding:
You're welcome, Jose. Hope it was useful! These questions that appear out of nowhere are - to me anyway - a great chance to learn about something I would likely never otherwise look at. This one took ideas and help from knowledgeable members here and some hunting on the internet. Definitely a more rewarding conversation than someone just immediately giving you the answer. And now I kind of want to buy one of these, just to remember it all!  :laugh:



Jose L:
Absolutely. It's amazing and at the same time satisfying how many people can learn at the same time about a tiny piece of history. Now at least Mr. Egidius Krauwinckel is not a stranger anymore for a group of people who admire his work no matter the time that has passed.


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