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Need info about antique medal

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Steve Moulding:
Another from CoinArchives (cached google image). Trying to get the description..,

Steve Moulding:
Münz Zentrum Rheinland. 10.03.2021.
Auction 193. Lot 1289

Egidius Krauwinckel, Meister 1570 oder früher, +1613. Cu-26/27mm o.J. Hl. Lorenz steht in Bordüre v.v. / Behelm. Lorenz-Doppelwappen; unten E K. Neum. 32202, Mitch. - , Stalzer 185. .

Steve Moulding:
And finally, the Sixbid link with Estimated Price etc. This one didn't sell.

Thanks, especially PeterD who cracked it. This was a great hunt.


Lech Stępniewski:
Well done, PeterD!  +++

So medal is not very antique but four hundred years is also a respectable age. Not precious but quite interesting.

Pekka K:

And yet another, with longer description:

Pekka K


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