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Need info about antique medal

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Jose L:
Hello, I'd like to know if somebody could give me a clue about this medal please. Thank you.

Even though it is a medal and not a coin you might be better posting this in the Medieval coins section to get the right viewers.

And add weight and diameter.


Lech Stępniewski:

--- Quote from: otlichnik on January 13, 2022, 08:24:03 am ---Medieval coins.

--- End quote ---

Probably much later. At least XV-XVI century.

Steve Moulding:
Does anyone know what this is? I found it on some modern ecclesial heraldry. Is it a key?


Steve Moulding:
OK, it's the symbol associated with Saint Lawrence' martyrdom. So that is likely who is depicted on the left. That could help in identification.


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