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ID for Zoomorphic brooch, please

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Copper alloy; 32mm/4.7gm

Attachment clasp broken, otherwise, about as fabricated? Residual amounts of original enameling

Just guessing but it looks a bit like late Celtic, what with the two birds heads...?


Actually late Germanic - Gepidic to be specific.

But it appears to be broken with the triangular head and rectangular mid-body plate present but the long rhomboid/pointed foot missing/broken off.


I think it may be complete. Do you have a side view, please? Interesting method for having pin tension! I never saw that before. It's enamelled, which was not made in western Europe at that time. I suppose it's from the area between Black sea and Baltic sea, perhaps Ukraine or something (and I promise to add the article on East European champleve enamelled brooches to the Numiswiki that is already in the making).

Gepidic brooches are found from Ukraine to northern Serbia.  Enamel-ware is rare but no unheard of, but the triangular head with three-bird promotes is 100% Gepid.

If you search Gepid brooches they are almost entirely variations of "blech" (Germanic plate) brooches which all have the long foot.


Thank you gentlemen!



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