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Mahmud G:

A little fragment from a Greco-Roman inscription… any comment especially for the third line is appreciated. And of course which century according to the style of letters does this belong to?


Mahmud G:
At least, may it be about Julia Domna?

Hi, Mahmud.  I love finding parts of inscriptions, but they are frustratingly difficult to read and date.  The lunate sigma and epsilon are a clue, suggesting to me Roman Imperial (in the Greek speaking provinces), or early Byzantine date, but I have not studied this subject so I really don't know much.  A specialist in Greek epigraphy might be able to help.  Searching on Google for "Roman Greek Marble Inscription" brings up a lot of nice photos but might drive one crazy!  In "ΓΟΝΟΣ" comes up as "child" or "offspring", but I don't know how accurate that is for ancient Greek.  Another Forum member may be of more help with this.  Good luck, and nice find.


Mahmud G:
Thank you very very much v-drome.

A friend of mine read this inscription as below:


Younger son of Lady Domna has died.

It may be an announcement inscription for the death of Geta.

Your precious comments please…


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