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ID Help - Byz billon and monogram



Tom Mullally:
It's half of a lead seal, not a coin.  Beyond that, I can't help much.


That seal will be hard, perhaps impossible, to crack without a published parallel piece that is not broken along the channel (which I couldn't find and there is always a good chance there is none). In any case, you have the obverse and reverse swapped in your photo, and the monogram side is upside down.
The monogram is peculiar - it may identify the owner as a person named 'Stephanos', if the left side would have phi and epsilon, but we can't be sure. The legend starts 'sphragis', which means 'seal'. That could refer to the actual seal you have or to Christ as the 'seal' of the owner.
The legend of the reverse lists the owner's titles. I can't make much sense of them, but he was certainly '[L]ogoth[etes of the] Dr[omos]', legible at the end.


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