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Hi Seth,

The three lamps you indicated (Figs. 49, 50 and 159 - all Type XXVIII) are definitely Asia Minor types, not North African.

Your images show the illustrations of the Type XXVIII lamps but not the heading text for them (only the heading text for the North African lamps which follow them - Types XXIX and XXX. Are you sure you're not getting confused?). It would be interesting to see the heading text for Type XXVIII and what Iconomu says about them.

Iconomu illustrates the lamps AFTER the text - so presumably the heading text for the Type XXVIII lamps would be on the previous page?

I would be delighted to have a PDF of Iconomu. Many thanks for the offer! I don't know Romanian but since it appears to be a Latin-based language I imagine I could get the gist. I've sent you a PM.

Enjoy your vacation!

ive double checked and the ones i indicate are not north-african lamps but as you stated, asia minor lamps.
still, the lamp frederic showed looks very similar to the ones pictured in iconomu's type XXVIII from asia minor, in terms of the dots on the margins. although there is no volute on frederic's example and the discus opens up towards the burning orifice.
similar types but 4 centuries apart ?


--- Quote ---similar types but 4 centuries apart ?
--- End quote ---
Basically, yes. They look quite similar in photographs - but the difference would be very obvious if you saw them side-by-side in the flesh.

North African lamps tend to be larger and the fabric is quite different. The quality of the earlier lamp would also be superior - more finely made, typically finer definition (though this example is from a worn mould), more robust handle which is normally pierced, etc.

Many thanks for the copy of Iconomu! :)


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