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Byzantine Bronze Document? / Hair? / Clothing? Ring? with Block Monogram


In a lot of Byzantine seals, I obtained an interesting bronze "ring" with a block monogram.  It measures approximately 28.84 in diameter and the metal is approximately 2.75 mm thick.  It weighs 11.8g.  The dealer thought that it may be a ring for a document, hair or clothing.  It is much too large for a finger ring.  I have not been able to solve the block monogram yet.  Any ideas?


I have some serious doubts about authenticity with this object. The engraving has a modern feel to it, and moreover, the I on the top left is very weird, as I's are usually implied in monograms.

In the place of that I, conventionally there should be an omicron (resulting in a standard Petrou monogram). So to me it looks like someone copied a monogram from somewhere else, while not understanding it.


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