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Asking for help on smoothing surfaces in photos

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Sorry for the slow reply but I rarely visit Forvm anymore.  I know nothing about taking coin photos with an iPhone (never have touched one) but suggest you try using a less harsh light.  You do not need a bright light to take photos of a non-moving object and I hope you are not trying to hand hold the phone.  I would place the coin on a more neutral background (gray) and use the diffuse light in a relatively bright room.  The softer light might not give the sharpening routine as much to grab onto and ruin the photo.

I agree with RonC2 regarding using a camera.  My hobby is more photography and less coins these days.  My main use for a phone is hanging up on robocallers.  I certainly would not use a phone to take photos.  A used DSLR with extension tubes would cost about an ordinary denarius while a state of the art really great camera and macro lens might ren closer to a mid-grade aureus.  We all have to decide which is for us. The camera and lens will make much less difference than the input from the user.  If the images are harsh and rough, select softer light.  I don't know what controls your phone will allow for exposure but I would suggest using a bit less exposure.  Changing the dark background might help if you must accept their auto exposure.  Cameras generally allow control of such things.  I do prefer photos on a dark background but I can control such things as focus and exposure so I have options you may not.


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