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Lead Bulla Seal of Leo I and Leo II?


Joe Sermarini:
Is this a lead bulla Seal of Leo I and Leo II?

Eastern Roman Empire
Leo I and Leo II
Joint reign, 18 Nov 473 - Nov 474 A.D.
2.229g, 12.1mm
Obverse: two facing busts, cross above center
Reverse: monogram of Leo I (as seen on reverse of his bronze nummi, RIC X 681 - 693)

Or perhaps it is the empress Verina?

Any references or other specimens known?


Joe Sermarini:

Interesting seal, Joe. I can't remember having seen a similar example. You can find the seal of Zeno on Acsearch, which is quite different in style, more resembling a type of Anastasius.

There are also some problems with the reading of the monogram as Leo. You would have to assume some damage at the bottom right (where C or E would be). Yet I would still say that your attribution is plausible. Hard to say if it's two emperors (Leo I and II) or an imperial couple, like Leo and Verina.


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