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Schnabelpferd type interesting size variation

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I checked the Lanz collection catalogue and there are only 5 pieces of schnabelpferd type. Their weight varies from 7,88g - 10,58g. The havier pieces above 9 grams are nicer pieces with broader flans and those below 9 grams are more worn with smaller flans. I also checked Pinks calatogue, he mentions a few in range of 6g - 10,58g, and again the nicer pieces are havier. The worn and smaller pieces are lighter.
Dembski's catalogue contains 14 pieces in the range of 6,02g - 10,40g.

The problem is that not all celtic tetradrachms had also drachms minted with them. Another thing is that the coins described in the catalogues were found many years ago without met dets and so they tend to have only higher nominals. The spread of metal detectors meant many new smaller coins have been found recently which might not be known earlier. The positive thing is there is many new coins which may be also new smaller nominals not known before. But before we jump into conclusion on the new nominal, there has to be more than one piece of a kind to prove the theory.

Still, it seems fairly nice coin, I hope some others will pop up so that the theory can be proven ;).

Jonathan, thank you for your time, and thank you for checking Lanz and Pinks catalogues.

I will try to reach out some people in facebook group in order to find the pics of that drachm. It appeared to be interesting specimen since this type was not published by Lanz. So it is worth to properly list it  here on the Forum at least.

... oh, here it is... I got the pics of that drachm-looking 3g coin...obverse seems to be just part of design indented for a larger coin.

Hi timka,

thank you for taking the trouble to look for the picture of the obverse. The dies used to strike this coin might be once used for the schnabelpferd big silver coins. Judging by images on the coin the dies must have been in use for a long time till they wore off and were re-cut into similar but different images. It's just an assumption. Do you know if it was found within the area of the schnabelpferd coins occurence?

... yes, they all come from the same area... around Rivne region/Ukraine


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