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Schnabelpferd type interesting size variation

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Can you post more pics of coins between 3g - 6g with dimensions? And are those irons actually the original irons used to strike the coins on your previous post? It would be very interesting to see the images on them.

...I dont have more coins or pics of the coins with lighter weights.  I will be pay attention on such coins in future if I come across any.

I grabbed those those pics of instruments from local facebook group.  I was said that ingot that is put on irons is exactly the same fabric and weight as Schnabelpferd coins, so that the coins seem to be minted with this instrument. Yes, the irons are coming from the same area.

That's impressive. There are not many dies known to be found in central Europe. These must be northeasternmost I have seen. It looks like no coincidence that the area is called Galitia.

I wonder if the longer piece is the lower die which used to be anchored in an anvil.

...yes, it was Galitia under Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918... nowadays the term Galitia is also used by locals to broadly name the Carpathian region.  Though this Celt tribe associated with Schnabelpferd type dwelled even further to East from Galitia by about 150- 250 km. 

...I have no idea how the instrument was made up, and how it all worked together...hope your guess is right.



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