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Unusual celtic "drachm"


Not really sure what to make of this one; can't figure out what the prototype coin would be, even.

AR or BI "drachm", 17mm, 0.97g
Crude laureate head right
"Male" figure standing, facing, noodly arms. Gibberish legend like NNMO-

Looks like an Eastern Europe imitative, but it seems uncharacteristically debased for that region.

Turn the reverse photo 180 degree and I thin you can see a cornucopiae.  Presuming this is silver, I think you have a primitive version of one of the Galatian copies of a Seleucid drachm.  Most ot those I have see are better style than this, so I would imagine this came late in the production, sort of an imitation of an imitation of a Seleucid drachm.  The Galatians, of course, were Celts.


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