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Celtic coin ?


Hello ! Is it a celtic imitation or just a worn greek coin ?
19 mm, 2.71 gr

I have found a similar coin on Wildwinds. But it is unattributed there too. :(

Celtic, Danube Valley, AR drachm, 2.99g Crude head of Herakles right. / IAZAA, Crude Zeus seated left, holding eagle, monogram before.

Lee S:
Sorry I'm rather late to the party.... I've been away a while... If your still undecided , Im 95% certain you have a Celtic imitation... Genuine drachms generally weigh a little over 4 grams, and the sticking up hair on the obv. give it away...
      If your still interested, post a pic of the obv. from an angle, I think a different view could reveal enough detail to be sure..

   Best wishes,



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