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greetings all!
this will be a continuation of my old thread here...

however since i finally got a digital camera i have been trying to redo the older poor quality scans i was using before. this is very much a work in progress, and the learning curve is a bit steeper (i still can't even figure out how to load the film!), so i will appreciate any photo advice or hints along the way.
with that in mind i thought it would be a good idea to start afresh, and i will be announcing all the replaced images here, as well as any new purchases as they may occur.

the first up is a large bronze from Syracuse of Hieron II (275-215 BC).
i bought this coin in the late 80's, but it was almost impossible to get a decent scan. i still haven't got the lighting quite right, but this is SO much better than it was before that i just had to share...

i will be renewing my gallery coin by coin, so stay tuned. 

~ Peter

Steve E:
Congratulations, Peter, on your digital camera! I know you've wanted one for a long time :)

You'll find experimentation is so much faster and much less expensive! So you can play around with lighting angles and exposures and all it costs is time, which we all have plenty of , right ;D

Nice coin and patina!

I could almost see Hieron's sigh of relief for getting out of the box and onto the screen ;D

All the best!

thanks Steve!
yes, playing with the settings and seeing almost immediate results is a distinct advantage. i find i can still apply my film-camera skills to a certain extent, but dealing with the camera doing what it wants rather than what i want is proving to be frustrating. but never fear, i will win (stupid machines!).

i have tried shooting outdoors (ie; the Hieron AE), with and without a light box, and indoors under various types if bulbs. i'm also still figuring out the white balance with each, but it is coming together i think. this weekend i plan to buy a couple of new light fixtures and a variety of different bulbs.

~ Peter

here's another new image of an old coin. i got this one at the local coin shop when i lived in California. it was one of the guys there that turned me on to ancients, and i've never looked back!   8)

anyway, this is actually one of the first coins i shot with my new camera, and so far it's still one of the better ones...

Macedon under Perseus
Helios 3/4 facing. / Rose.

i love this coin, and have since i first laid eyes on it. i hope you all like it too.   :)

~ Peter

here is another upgrade of a coin i've had for decades.

this one is a Punic 1/4 shekel from Akragas struck during the final Carthaginian occupation.

Head of Triptolemus right. / Horse prancing right; punic letters below.

of course all of these upgrades will inevitably knock all the previous comments into oblivion, so feel free to indulge yourself!   ;)

~ Peter


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