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Rare Lifetime Caesar portrait!

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Jay GT4:
It's been a while since I've purchased anything but after the drought I think this one is worthy.  Not a spectacular example, certainly not by Benito's standards and yet it is a good clear portrait of a bearded Mark Antony with Fortuna holding Victory reverse.  Struck for Antony by Vibius Varus in anticipation of the victory over Brutus and Cassius, Varus also struck the same type with Octavian.  A bearded Antony still in mourning over Caesar's death.

Some interesting comments by Sear indicate that the die-engraver was moved from the Capitoline mint into Antony's travelling mint based on stylistic similarities.

Hard to photograph because of the uneven surfaces. Some encrustations remain.  Not sure if I want to try anything on this but any suggestions are welcome.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks!

I think it could be cleaned a bit further, but I would not suggest doing so. The surfaces would probably be really rough. Besides, no matter what Benito may find to show you that his coin is superior to yours, I for one think it is fine looking! Nice addition.


Jay GT4:
Thanks Chris.  It really is better in hand.  Very tough to photograph.  Even with using photoshop this was the best I could do.  I may try it with a tripod and light box but that will be later.

Right now Antony is taking a bath in distilled water.  I do this with most my coins just as a precaution and also to see if anything will loosen up and flake off.  I don't want to try any kind of lemon juice.

David Atherton:
A very respectable purchase after a long sabbatical.

Good luck with the distilled bath!

Jay GT4:
Oh and the distilled water did remove some dirt but overall the coin still has encrustations.  I won't proceed any further with it.


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