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Thank you, Alex!  And thanks for fixing a few. I've fixed the remainder.  Much appreciated.

Apologies if there has already been a topic on this but are there any tips on how to take quality photos of coins? I tend to be proud of my landscape photography work but did not expect to struggle with taking photos of coins. Is everyone here investing in expensive macro lenses?

Jay GT4:
Take a look here in this section:

Virgil H:
The section that Jay references is great and I recommend reading all the threads there. It certainly helped me. I am a fine art photographer (not a pro, but I know photography). The hardest thing I have ever tried to photograph is coins. LOL. I do not have a macro lens, but I have a macro attachment and a good digital SLR and a proper lighting set up, tripod, etc. I have moved to using my cellphone because the SLR pics suck. Cell phone is way better, but still not up to the standard I want, but the best results I have gotten so far. You can tell in my gallery which pics I took myself versus dealer pics I use when I can. Joe's pics in the shop are always good.

Good luck and share any tricks you come up with.


Thanks both for your replies. I will do a deep dive into what was already posted. And yes, it appears that finding the right setup with a phone camera will deliver good results without having to invest in an expensive macro lens. I will try that first.


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