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Joe Sermarini:
Is the gallery only for coins purchased from Forum?

No, the member's gallery is provided for you to share your collection online, regardless of where you bought each coin.  Of course, we hope that in the future you will buy at least some of your coins from Forum Ancient Coins.   

Joe Sermarini:
How do I request a new Theme Gallery?

Start a new thread in this section of the discussion board with your request.  Please limit suggestions for new theme galleries to those that you will personally support.  What I mean is if you have a dozen or so examples to start the gallery, I will be happy to add a new theme.  But if you just have an idea and don't intend to upload a significant number of photos, please do not ask for the gallery. 

Joe Sermarini:
How do I correct or delete a coin in a theme (public) gallery?

If a coin in the Gallery or Fake Coin Reports needs correction or deletion, please let us know by using the comments feature of the Gallery or Fake Coins Reports.   Please begin your comment with CORRECTION or DELETE and then follow with the details.  It is will be much easier for us to figure out what we should do if we are informed this way.  Thanks.   

Joe Sermarini:
After a name change is there any way to change the name on all of your individual gallery pics to match?

Unfortunately, no.  The name is set when the coin is first uploaded.

Joe Sermarini:
How do I include Greek letters in gallery text?

It is possible to make Greek letters in Gallery text.  If you type the name of the letter between an ampersand (&) and semi-colon (; ) it will display as the Greek letter.  If you type the first letter of the name uppercase, the uppercase Greek letter will display.  If you type the first letter lowercase, the lowercase Greek letter will display.  Examples follow:

Greek_Gamma       &Gamma;
Greek_Delta       &Delta;
Greek_epsilon       &Epsilon;
Greek_Lambda       &Lambda; 
GreeK_Sigma       &Sigma;
Greek_Phi       &Phi;
Greek_omega_small       &omega;
Greek_Omega       &Omega;


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