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The End of an Era - Highlights from 34 years of collecting

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Well, as of May 1st I am retired. A nice turn of events to be sure, but it has put the mockers on some of my activities, and unfortunately coin collecting is one of them.
I have pretty much quit collecting now (although I did just add another diobol to my Taras collection), and I'm now trying to shift my mind into 'selling mode'. NOT an easy task!
How do you decide which of your children you sacrifice first?
All this definitely has me reminiscing over the past 34+ years of collecting ancients, all the dealers and shows, all the interactions with wonderful people who suffered from a similar mania, the excitement of waiting for your newest treasure to arrive in the mail.
So, with dispersal in mind I have been thinking a lot about which coins I could probably never get rid of, and I'm going to review them right here.
Stay tuned...

~ Peter

Virgil H:
Congrats on your retirement. Why do you have to stop collecting? I really didn't start collecting until near and after retiring because I have the time to devote to it more even if my budget is not large. If it is part of your retirement fund, then I completely get it. I am at a point where I may start selling a few, but only because they are duplicates AND/OR my collecting interests have shifted and become a little more specific in some areas (but I remain the ultimate generalist and I just can't see that ending completely). But, for any I sell, the money will more than likely go right back into coins, although most of my coins are not particularly valuable, if I ever need money, I have some value in my collection.

All the best to you as you make those difficult choices.


Congrats on the retirement.

I too have pretty much stopped collecting for now. I just come on to view other peoples new additions.

Covid issues really put a damper on my enjoyment of buying and various other reasons.

Jay GT4:
Congrats on retiring Peter and hopefully I can get an ex-Enodia coin in my collection!

Virgil H:
Ha ha Jay, I had the same thoughts. It would be honor to get coins from his collection. Got any from Pontus or Phaplogonia? Just kidding, kind of.



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