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Jay GT4:
In the past, to get Judaean script into my gallery entries, I would select the characters in a Forum post, then copy and paste them into the gallery description.  That doesn't seem to work anymore as it only shows up as code.  Is there a way to add the Judaean script directly into the gallery?

Trying to add this:
:Judean_ayin: :Judean_beyt_2:  :Judean_alef_6: :Judean_daleth_1:   :Judean_taw_1: :Judean_kaf_2: :Judean_shin_1:

Into the description of this coin:

I was able to do it before by copying from other websites with the script, as seen here:

Virgil H:
I always copy things like this into a text editor, then cut and paste into my document online. There are a number of symbols I don't know how to do, including the "degree" symbol, I have a file with this stuff to cut and paste from. Probably not the best way to do it, but it works for me.


Jay GT4:
I have the paleo-hebrew font I can use in word, but when I cut and paste it just comes out as the underlying  keys.

Virgil H:
That may be because the font isn't embedded in the web page software, which is always a problem with unusual fonts. I may be totally wrong here, but if you paste it into a real text editor (not a word processor, but something like Notepad) and you can see the symbol as it is supposed to be, I am thinking that when you cut it, it is now in ASCII format and can be copy and pasted into a web document. Maybe I have just been lucky when I have done this. Over the years, I have always got around the limitations of Word and other word processors with their wacky code that often does not paste properly by using a text editor as an intermediate step. Word documents will not usually even paste into another word processor without issues. Things are much better now, but cutting and pasting out of Word has always been an issue. This is one reason that the PDF format was invented (for viewing). I actually do most of my writing in a text editor and then paste into a word processor if I need it formatted more than the text editor can do. Otherwise, I just leave it in text files.


Jay GT4:
I split the topic off of the FAQ to keep it all together.

Thanks again Virgil.  Pasting into notepad gives the underlying "Judean_ayin" code not  :Judean_ayin:
I'm going to fool around with the fonts in Notepad and see what I can come up with.  It seems possible because as mentioned when I copied from other websites and pasted into forum it works: 𐤇‬𐤓𐤕 𐤔 𐤉𐤅𐤍 

I just can't find what I need online to copy so I need to spell it out myself.


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