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C. Calpurnius Piso L.f. Frugi.

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Recently added this denarius to my gallery.

It seems there is a limit as to how much text can be added to a gallery item because I was unable to add all of the following text.
So I added it all in this posting.

Denarius (3.93 gm), ca 67-59 BC, Rome mint.

Obverse: Die O-229. Head of Apollo, in high relief, facing right;
his hair long and in ringlets, bound with taenia (fillet).
Sequence mark: IE (retrograde E), with bar above.

Reverse: Die R-2045. Horseman galloping to right; no hat; carrying palm branch.
Sequence mark below: dolphin facing right.
Legend: C PISO . L . F FRV

In Hersh’s die study of these coins, these 2 dies come together in #219.
Crawford #3/8.
Sydenham #851.
Sear #348.

The dating of the coins by this moneyer vary greatly:
67 BC: Crawford, Sear.
64 BC: BMCRR, Sydenham.
63 BC: Hersh (1976).
61 BC: Hersh & Walker (1984).
59 BC: Harlan RRM II.

Hersh, Charles A. “A Study of the Coinage of the Moneyer C. Calpurnius
Piso L. F. Frugi.” The Numismatic Chronicle (1966-) 16 (136) (1976): pp. 7–63.

Jay GT4:
What a beautiful coin.

Joe Sermarini:
I see gallery entries a lot longer than that. What exactly happened when you tried to add it?

I have the entire text above -- from the word "Denarius" to "pp. 7-63" at the end of the Hersh citation -- saved on a Word document. Using the Copy & Paste feature on my computer, I copied that text, and then tried to paste it into the text box on the page where gallery entries are put together. It would not paste the complete text. As far as it went was the first few words of the sentence starting "The dating of the coins . . ." I've copied & pasted text this way before, so I know it use to work.

So I made sure I had copied the complete text, and tried again. Same problem. I tried several more times without success. I closed the browser (Firefox), emptied the cache, and started over with signing in, etc. Still the same problem. So I cut the gallery text off at "Sear #348" and posted it.

Then I went immediately to the Discussion forum and made this post. The text from my Word document pasted into this post without a problem.

I've seen various text boxes online that are limited to 500 or 1000 characters. The text box on the gallery page reminded me of one of these -- cutting off mid-sentence, even mid-word -- when the limit has been reached.

Hope this helps.

By the way: As I am about to Post this, I see a Preview box too. I have never been able to get the Preview to work. The little circle keeps going round and round.

Great coin, Callimachus... +++


About your message:

I have sometimes this problem too, but finally, I used the correction of the text or re-edit the text under the picture later not than when I post it then works the more text.



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