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The Kingdom of Elymais (ca. 301 BC-224 AD)

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Virgil H:
Just ran across this book that is a 2017 doctoral dissertation entitled: The Kingdom of Elymais (ca. 301 BC-224 AD): a comprehensive analysis (archaeological, artistic, and textual) of one of the most important minor reigns in southern Iran. I downloaded it via this link. Note clicking this links starts the download.

This link is main page and the download link is near the top:

I haven't read it, yet, but it looks to be very comprehensive and includes coin plates. It is not a coin book, it is much more than that. I know there are folks here who are interested in Elymais. The author is Davide Salaris and this was written for Macquarie University. It is now on my reading list, there isn't much written about Elymais from what I have seen and this looks to be very interesting. 568 pages including huge bibliography and many plates, coins are the last few plates and go beyond Elymais itself.


Robert L3:
Thanks for the heads up, Virgil. Got it downloaded. It'll be on my reading list.

Virgil H:
I may have said this before, but your Elymais collection is amazing, I have checked it out a number of times.



Thanks, Virgil. I will take a look at it. Stkp


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