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Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic


Virgil H:
The American Numismatic Society has a wonderful resource on Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic. Not specifically about maps, there is, however a great map of the known hoards:

There is much more information one can glean from this site than just a map of where hoards were found and often documented. One hoard of interest is the one in the north of England at a time before the Romans were a major force in Britain. This particular hoard had three coins (does three coins actually indicate a real hoard?), nevertheless it is interesting. This one is in Weston and consists of three denarius dated between 63 and 31 BC. How did they get there? Who owned them? All interesting questions for me.

I enjoy maps and playing with sites like this, but I always wonder how collectors use these types of data. I understand researchers, but, as a collector, beyond being interesting, who uses these sites and how? I would be interested in learning about their usefulness.



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