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Theodosius II Solidus - Ron C2's latest gallery coins

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Virgil H:
I think it is lovely, even if off center a bit, that doesn't detract.


Ron C2:
Just added another denarius of Septimius Severus that I didn't yet have.  This one is fairly common, but the first I had opportunity to buy. 

Interestingly, I just got back form over a week in Italy, and the few Severan era coin shops I found were priced far above market value - likely fishing amongst the tourists. Oh well.

Ron C2:
Just added another fairly early denarius from Septimius' reign (196-197).

Virgil H:
Love this one, what a beauty.


Ron C2:
I added a really nice example of one of the Septimius Severus CONSECRATIO variations struck under Caracalla, in this case an eagle standing on a globe.  My second example of this series. (there were 5 denarii and two aurei in the series). 

Let me know what you think, but I'm rather pleased with this one. In person it has some mint luster and cabinet toning.

For reference here is my other coin from the series, with a funeral pyre reverse:

I'm still missing:
191A - aureus, eagle standing on thunderbolt, R2
191B - denarius version of the aureus, S.
191D - denarius eagle on ow column or altar, S.
191E - denarius throne with a wreath placed on it, S.
191F - aureus version of the funeral pyre denarius I posted above.


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