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Hi, Chris,  ;)

Great collection and nice Gallery... +++

Congratulation   :)


Tracy Aiello:

I just spent some time perusing your gallery. I need to spend more time perusing. Very impressive.


Thanks for the kind words, everybody. I was expecting a tough crowd. :laugh:  I'm well on the way to completing the cataloging of the Sicilian collection (about 30 coins), with new photographs and extensive referencing.  However, I'm heading off to the dreaded Jury Duty tomorrow, so we'll see if I find myself on the trial-of-the-century or just sweating it out in a jurors' room.  Miami in August. Ugh. 

For something to chew on, have a look at my most recent Sicilian addition:  a Syracuse litra. Dionysios I. 405-395 BC. AR Litra (0.77 gm). Head of Arethusa l., hair in sphendone, dolphin to r. ΣꓦΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ before. / Octopus. SNG ANS 5 #293-294; HGC 2 #1381; SNG Ashmolean 2018; SNG Cop 1 #675; SNG Fitzwilliam 1259; SNG Lloyd 1400-1402; SNG München 1096 (all with same dies). 
I don't know of any other dies for this type.  Anybody believe the rumor that there's a hidden legend (ΣΥΡΑΚΟΥ) formed by the octopus tentacles?

Since my initial post in this thread, I realized that I also have to add the Macedonian coinage (some 40 coins).  Looks as though I, like Tracy, have a long road to getting it all uploaded (big sigh).

Jay GT4:
Very nice litra!  Can't help with the dies but I have the archaic versions

Hi Anaximander (Ax) ... congrats on your cool collection


I love your recent octopus (yah, I'm a total sucker for animal coins)

Ummm, oh and great thread-addition by Jay as well ...... ummm, I hope you won't mind if I toss-in my ol' example? (cheers)


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