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I would like to open a new Gallery because the old one is not actual anymore. Some years ago I sold nearly all of my coins and started a new collection. Having collected all kind of Ancient coins I now collect only Sestertii and medaillons and try to find some with good provenance.
My collection should be small but of higher quality. Some denarii are also in the collection, it is an exception  ;)

Here comes a new sestertius, a Galba with nice patina, super portrait and an extremely fine revers depiction:

Jay GT4:
It's a more "youthful" portrait of Galba  ;) and that reverse is great.

I agree, great coin... +++


Thank you very much.

The bimetallic Medaillons of Severus Alexander are very rare. This example is very nice though smoothed but most of the medaillons have been smoothed so it is not so bad.  This piece has a very high relief it looks incredible in hand. Maybe you have more informations about it. I am not sure if this medaillon was struck in 226 AD because there are small medaillons with Liberalitas "COS II" which were struck in 226 AD. This one has "COS III".


--- Quote from: kc on June 25, 2019, 05:54:04 pm ---This one has "COS III".

--- End quote ---

I see COS II (with a large gap between the I), which makes more sense together with TR P V.

Even TR P VI is still COS II,

see e.g..


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