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A Slither of Snakes

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some people have an aversion to snakes, but not me. i think they're really cool. apparently so does Molinari, as he thought it'd be a good idea to ssset the ssslithery ssserpents free right here!

snakes are another of those relatively common ancient coin icons, and this time i actually have one or two.
this is one of my favorite coins, a bronze from Eleusis depicting Triptolemus being drawn by a biga of snakes...

release the vipers!

~ Peter

ADMIN EDIT: Here is a link to Forum's snake theme page:

I'm actually very afraid of snakes, but these threads are terrific and I'll definitely post my examples!

I don't have my coins photographed (well, I do, but _badly_).
But I would suggest looking at the coinage of Kroton.
where snakes are portrayed but also at times people or animals
(infant Heracles, Apollo, eagle) are depicted attacking snakes.


--- Quote from: JBF on January 24, 2015, 09:40:52 pm ---I don't have my coins photographed (well, I do, but _badly_).
--- End quote ---

that's never stopped me.    :-[

Why one snake when you can have three in one coin.

See this M.Antony and Octavia tetradrachm . ex Benito coll.


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