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Ciekawe jakiej rangi trzeba było się dochrapać, żeby zostać obdarowanym takim cudem? A co z tą Nikomedią - można coś pogdybać na ten temat, czemu akurat tam zostało takie coś wybite? Np. że jej stołeczność była likwidowana stopniowo i trwała jeszcze przez jakiś czas po oficjalnym przeniesieniu stolicy Wschodu do Konstantynopola w 330 AD?
Wheat is logical, they just don't look like wheat to me, but they are tiny, so not much detail.

I have been reading this with interest. I have no basis, but my gut feel is what Tacitus said. This guy may have declared himself emperor from a small region and lasted a week and the powers that were in other parts of the empire never even knew about him or found out that there had been a rebellious commander in a province later. Who knows, but it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility and he wouldn't have been the only one.

Campbell, I., A Sponsian re-discovered, Numismatic Chronicle, Vol: 157 (1997) 194 ff

I had to laugh with the newspaper headlines on Thursday and wondered how many times can this coin be rediscovered.



Here's the article for those who don't have university access (as JPGs because PDFs aren't accepted):
Fake Coins and Notorious Fake Sellers / Re: Caracalla Quadriga Denarius Forgery
« Last post by paps on Yesterday at 08:48:05 pm »
It's a match. Disgraceful, the same coin sold 3x on Ebay.
Identification Help / Re: ID help please AE 2.46g 19mm Odd Portrait
« Last post by Roy W on Yesterday at 08:02:49 pm »
Thank you very much, Victor. I had assumed barbarous copy of some type. Although it’s hard to keep cleaning with him looking at me with that huge eye haha.
Identification Help / Re: ID help please AE 2.46g 19mm Odd Portrait
« Last post by Victor C on Yesterday at 07:56:14 pm »
It's an unofficial (barb) copy of a VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP from Siscia. I have over 150 of these on my page here--

Identification Help / ID help please AE 2.46g 19mm Odd Portrait
« Last post by Roy W on Yesterday at 07:41:42 pm »
Any ID help would be greatly appreciated. Im still cleaning it, but this portrait has me at a loss.


Thank you very much!
History and Archeology / Re: Path from common soldier to man of the people
« Last post by Tacitus on Yesterday at 07:34:52 pm »
Thanks... that helped out greatly...
I seem to remember that Saturninus coinage were originally declared a fraud, or ancient imitation as well, then turned out to be a genuine usurper.. That with only 2 known specimens.

So let's not be so quick.  My main question, is why can't his coins be genuine?  So what, no one heard of him..  He may have only lasted a week or so from a small area in Dacia. Possibly killed by local troops or public officials or locals..  Just long enough to mint a few coins and when the locals realized he had no hope, or they were loyal, he got himself killed.  I am sure there are a LOT of people who tried to become emperor that no one today remembers or history lost their name....

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