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Well, here's my first BOT contribution. I don't think there's another one in the gallery yet.


Jay GT4:
That's a great coin!

Great coin.

But which defeated captive is he meant to portray?   He doesn't look Jewish does he, but I guess he must be.

It could be a Jewish captive, but we don't know. It's often forgotten that the Flavians fought two major wars. One was to recapture Jerusalem, ending in what I believe was the longest siege in the entire history of Imperial Rome.
The other was the civil war against Vitellius. The Flavians owed the army for this, and while it wasn't considered acceptable to glory in a victory over other Romans, it's probably safe to regard these 'anonymous' military issues as payback for both wars.


As far as the different appearance of the captive on the reverse, it would seem odd, if representing a Jew, that the captive is beardless as it was the custom for the Jews to wear a beard.  However, during extreme sorrow, shame or humiliation the beard was often mutilated or removed.

Compare Isa. 15:2 "He has gone up to The House and to Di′bon, to the high places, to a weeping. Over Ne′bo and over Med′e·ba Mo′ab itself howls. On all heads in it there is baldness; every beard is clipped."  
And Jeremiah 41:5, "then there came men from She′chem, from Shi′loh and from Sa·mar′i·a, eighty men with their beards shaved off and with their garments ripped apart and with cuts made upon themselves, and there were grain offering and frankincense in their hand to bring to the house of Jehovah."

I agree though, it's unlikely that we will know for sure.  



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