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Any possibility of transplanting  from galleries to BOT a coin/s without losing  5 ***** votes  ?
Same question ,but keeping 5 ***** and eliminating 1,2 or 3 ***  ?    :angel:

No, it's not possible for you to delete some ratings and keep others. The best that could be done would be for you to delete all the ratings so that the coin could start again.

If you transplant a coin from your own gallery to the BOT simply by altering the destination gallery the ratings and comments would be transplanted with it. However, doing such a thing is a bit unethical, in that coins are generally rated higher in an individual's personal gallery than they are in the BOT.

We would much prefer members to make a new upload when adding their coins to the BOT. What is the problem with that?


David Atherton:

I agree with Alex that moving entries from personal galleries to public galleries and "airbrushing" the ratings is quite unethical. I would think you would want to be fair and start the ratings anew in BOT.

Some people take these things WAY too seriously.

Jay GT4:

--- Quote from: areich on October 29, 2012, 01:18:10 pm ---Some people take these things WAY too seriously.

--- End quote ---

But it is disheartening when you have what you believe to be a great coin and someone gives it 2 stars.  :'( 


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