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BOT - AD240 Gordian III AR Tetradrachm

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Okay, so this is all still kinda new to me... this forum and the way things work, so if I commit a faux pas, let me know....

First off, I wanted to link and show everyone this coin of mine, one of my favorites of my entire collection, and see if you guys think it is worth of the BOT gallery.... I do.... but that is my opinion and I just love this coin, so I am biased.

here is the link to the coin I added to the BOT gallery a while back, it has gotten good ratings so it must be liked by some.....

Gordian III AR Tetradrachm AD 240, Antioch, Syria.


Okay so I want you guys' opinions and if anyone has any of this type they think are nicer or should be in the BOT instead of mine, we can 'joust' as I saw it put in another thread ;).... I have few votes, but if it went to a vote in this forum, who knows....
And here is one I think is worthy of the BOT, but not sure if someone has a nicer one:

Caesarea, Cappadocia AR Drachm of Caracalla, I just love it.... ex CNG, and the same photo is used to show the type in a coin book or reference.... I forget which one but I have the photo from the book and it is identical. I am not sure this one is best of type, but it has a great portrait, and a very nice reverse I think:

I hope my links work, I had trouble in the past of them linking to the wrong coin..... so let me know guys, what ya'll think.
*EDIT: the second link for the first two BOT coins of mine should work even if someone uploads new stuff to the BOT.

Okay I was told by a good friend on here that someone added more pics to the BOT, pushing back my Gordian tet, making my previous link link to the wrong coin..... so here is the new link and I'm going to upload the photo ......

Gordian Tetradrachm of Antioch.
newest link:

Hopefully the link of the Candidate I put up, like the Caracalla Ant and others still work, I think they will if I don't add anymore, and if I do I can use that URL at the bottom of the page that always links to the coin (thanks for the help Mat).
Here is the one I have in the BOT, and was looking for feedback on, or to see if anyone had ones they thought could go 'head to head' with mine.

Hi Rexesq,

You don't need anyone's opinion other than your own to add coins to the BOT. If you like them, add them, that's part of the fun.
Your coins will only be moved (they are not deleted) if someone else posts a coin of the same type and the majority of member votes rate it higher than yours.
The majority of the coins I myself have added were never in their lives "Best of type", but until somebody contests them with something better, there they stay.
The only other way a coin would be removed from the gallery is if, after more than 10 votes, it rates lower than 4.0. This is to try and make the Best of Type gallery a useful resource filled only with the most attractive and/or rarest coins and not just a repository for average coins. Having said that coins are not automatically removed just because they fall below the 4.0 standard and ostensibly lower grade coins will stay in the gallery if their rarity warrants it.
There are a lot of beautiful and unusual coins already in the gallery and as time progresses I hope many more will be added.
I certainly hope that there will be more and more head to heads since they are designed to keep improving the BOT "gene pool".  :)


Thank you very much for the info my friend.
I have noticed a few other examples of the same Gordian III Tetradrachm type that I have in my collection, but IMHO none quite as nice, and I don't know if they are in the BOT gallery or if I just saw them in someone's album, or the superb and masterpiece portrait gallery. I end up seeing a coin I like in one of the Galleries, and then I will often go and look at the other coins that are from the same person's albums.

Thanks again, it makes sense that the Best of Type gallery not be filled with a bunch of coins that don't quite belong there, there are other galleries for the beautiful coins that just aren't quite 'Best of Type'. I like the Superb and Masterpiece Portrait gallery myself, and have several of my other favorite coins from my collection added there, including a beautiful Antoninianus of Herennius Etruscus that could be BOT if not for a weak obv portrait.

I also decided to add my ex CNG Caesarea, Cappadocia AR Drachm of Caracalla to the BOT gallery and see how that goes..... here is the picture and the link.

I decided to add my Elagabalus 'SALUS ANTONINI AUG' Silver Antoninianus to the BOT gallery. Here is a link:


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