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Titus Tetradrachm


Jay GT4:
Well I've never seen another for sale, so take it out if you can!  This one is also the Wildwinds example!


--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on June 26, 2011, 08:09:28 pm ---Well I've never seen another for sale, so take it out if you can!
--- End quote ---
Well that brings up the question of voting again Jay.  See, to me this coin is nice but I don't have any interest in Titus, and therefore also have little interest in it's rarity.  So I would be casting my vote on the following criteria.  Fabric, centring, wear, quality of engraving, and possibly even eye appeal.  As such I would probably rate the coin a 3-4, and for arguments sake, let's say I vote 4.
Well, let's also assume that others see it in the same way, and the majority of people voting see it as a 4.  In this instance, the rules are clear

--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on May 21, 2011, 08:22:34 am ---A monthly review which deletes any coin with a rating below 4.1 with more than 10 votes
--- End quote ---
and the coin is removed.
Now obviously it is not reasonable to expect Forvm staff to view each coin they remove during the regular "house-keeping" task run, and so after 10 votes this coin could be removed.  IF it really is such a rare coin that it may well actually be the best of type......well you know where I am coming from.

Jay GT4:
Mark I don't take this BOT too seriously, I'm just happy to have people look at coins they may not ever look at.  I've actually had a few of my coins "taken out" in place of better ones.
 However I would hope that if people do decide to vote they should consider that the gallery is called "Best of Type" and rarity should be taken into consideration if all the other types known are slugs.  Sometimes I refrain from voting just because I don't know enough about a certain series to make a judgement.  That being said I think almost all of the coins in the Best of Type are placed there not just to have a coin in the BOT gallery but because there really is something special or interesting about it, be it the style, rarity or beauty of the coin.  

The only thing I think is unfair is when people vote a coin they know nothing about very low.  But then's only the internet!  ;)

Jay, great example!  I do understand such skewed nuances that will occur in the voting process.  In fact, I was thinking about how it is even possible for an inferior coin to keep a better one out.   I submitted a pretty nice coin to BOT several years ago and it has over 1,200 views, 9 positive comments, and 5/5 with 15 votes.  Let's suppose tomorrow someone adds a spectacular specimen of this same coin.  It would be improbable that it would gain enough votes in the "comparison window" to replace my coin.  What should be done?

Jay, sorry for the intrusion of BOT voting issues into your thread.  Seriously though, that Titus portrait is very nice and bold!

Best, Noah


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