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One in the same COL NEM?

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Lloyd Taylor:
Some time back I posted an observation and question on this beautiful coin and image in the BoT Gallery:

No answer forthcoming, so I thought I'd try here.  

I believe that the coin in the BOT is not only a a best of type, but is the plate coin (Sear 1730) illustrated in David R Sear's Roman Coins and Their Values.  I attach a scan below of the plate coin and the BOT coin for comparison.  

Am I missing something in the comparison?  

If as I suspect, why not note it is a plate coin, which straight away sets a very high benchmark for the type in any BoT consideration?

The Nemausus you posted ( Sears plate) was sold in Gemini III lot 337.


I see them as being one in the same.  They not only share the same dies and strike, but the scratch marks most noticeable on the obverse are exactly the same on both examples.  Unless one is a fake of the other than it's the same coin IMO.  Good eye Lloyd!


Lloyd Taylor:
Benito & Mihali84 - Thanks for the confirmation of the coin match and the recent sale. For a while I thought I must be mad to be the only one to have seen this with no one confirming my observations and my recall as posted on The BoT comments. Definitely and indisputably a BoT.

Benito - do you know what price it realized in Gemini III? I imagine a handsome five figure sum!

3250 USD (buyers premium not included). In fact its a very common coin but very popular (something like the Tiberius tribute penny), and not easy to find in that condition.
The catalogue made the following reference:   Sear, RCTV Millennium Edition 1730 (this specimen illustrated).


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