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Anyone want to play Ba'al?



Aspendos stater with Ba'al countermark

This BOT entry asks you to consider more than the usual question of coin grade. To match or exceed this 'type' I ask you consider not just the coin but the countermark and its placement. The countermark should have a better strike of the bull and, especially, better clarity of the LUY legend (Aramaic for Ba'al read right to left). Further, I'll expect the flat mark on the opposite side to do less damage to that design than this one. My example suffers from the dotted border falling across the middle of the bull so there is a lot of room for improvement here. Each voter can deside if the off centered reverse is a fault or a benefit since it makes room for the countermark.

This BOT entry is to demonstrate that there are many factors to consider when 'grading' an ancient coin.


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