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BoT or Beauty Contest?


Just a couple thoughts:  maybe a coin should only be removed from the BoT gallery when a better specimen of the same type is posted.   The way the voting is now, it is more of beauty contest then a BoT gallery. I have actually asked a couple people NOT to vote on my coins as to not reach the 10 vote/4 average cutoff.  I agree that some coins like mine do not compare in the slightest to the absolute beauties of other types, but still in their own type they are pretty good (relatively speaking).  Also, maybe the head to head competition could be done in a poll thread vote with both pictures posted along with any additional comments, as long as we have this new BoT board and all.  


Joe Sermarini:
I like it the way it is.  

I want the BOT gallery to be filled with impressive coins.  Impressive might be an extremely rare but unattractive coin but mostly it will be beautiful coins.  It is up to voters to decide what impresses them. 

Ok, I see now - I guess I should have read the discription on the gallery!   :)

I have just added a real beauty - any votes less than 4 I'll attribute to my lack of photography skills and not to the coin itself which nearly glows in hand.


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