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Joe Sermarini:
I would like to generate a bit more interest and activity in the best of type gallery.  The coin of the day thread is popular and my original idea for the best of type gallery was to create that sort of sharing and fun.  I would like to spice it up a bit.  Some ideas:

Add a best of type discussion board instead of the single generic Members' Gallery board. 

A monthly review which deletes any coin with a rating below 4.1 with more than 10 votes and any coin which is the same type as another with a lower score. 

Encouraging people to post challenges (my coin is better) and advertise them on the discussion board.

Anyone like the ideas?  Other ideas?

Jay GT4:
I think that's a great idea.  It's what I thought that gallery should be when reading the description.  Who would do the editing and deleting of the ones that get bumped?

I think it may need sub galleries within the gallery because each page has different era of coins on it and makes it hard to find the coin you want to beat!  So perhaps "Republican" "1st Century" "Adoptive"...

 I also wish you could place the same coin file picture into multiple galleries and keep the comments and ratings.


--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on May 21, 2011, 08:47:10 am --- I wish you could place the same coin file picture into multiple galleries and keep the comments and ratings.

--- End quote ---

I agree.  That and deleting a picture to upload a new one without deleting the entire file, etc.  That way you could update your pictures.

There is also a bug sometimes.  When you post in a gallery they don't show up right, etc.  Right now I posted a coin in the portrait gallery, and it shows up there and in my gallery a second time.  Haven't decided how to remove it yet.

Joe Sermarini:
The Forum staff would do the monthly review (probably me).

I think sub-galleries would be too complex but will think about it.  Coins are in order by title, it isn't really that hard to find them. 

I also, wish it was possible and easy to put coins in multiple galleries with shared comments and rating.  I also wish it was possible for users to replace pics.  Unfortunately, the gallery software is off-the-shelf and has limited features.  We just use it.  It isn't all I would like it to be but overall, it works well.  There are some updates that may fix or improve things.  We will be implementing those in the next few months.

I like the idea Joe, but the rating system is tough. I have a couple hundred coins in my gallery, including a few that are not only very good looking and rarish, but the only coins of the type here and I don't have a single coin with a posted rating. Maybe my coins suck and don't deserve rating, but I also know that I have looked at hundreds of other peoples coins and have never given them a rating either. *edit - I know that some people do post ratings, but on the whole I think it would be tough to get everyone browsing the gallery to give a rating.

I have the semblance of an idea though. I see somthing like the website award committee being set up and people submitting gallery links to either their own coin or another members coins. The committee then divys up the submissions (weekly, monthly, ongoing?), searches for similar coins (in the FORVM gallery, not on wildwinds or similar), and if in fact the coin submitted is "BoT" then it is included in the gallery. If not, the coin found that is better is submitted in it's place.

That is my rough idea. Not only will it fill the BoT gallery, it would also be accurate. As a side benefit, the committee would gain more familiarity with various coin types. This could also be extended to the portrait gallery, etc. as a sub set.



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