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'Magic Square' Silver Ring, Help Need!!!


Krasimir B:
Hi Folks!!!
Any identification help for this massive silver ring will be highly appreciated.
Weight;19gm.  Bezel size; 20/20mm. Inner diam.21mm.
Thanks in advance.

Ave Krasimir,

Yours is an Islamic ring with early Hindu-Islamic numerals/symbols arranged, as you mentioned, in a "magic square."
Perhaps 8th-12th century or perhaps a bit later?

From your photos is appears to be authentic?

Quoting Pollio: In early Islamic mysticism, these numerical formulas were believed to endow the wearer with the ability to communicate with genies and other spirits".

So in other words, this is a sorcerers ring. Wear with care!

Dear Krasimir and board,
Around the square on each edge the same sentence is written: لا اله الا الله no god but Allah, In Islam there are 99 names for God, in the inner squares some of these names are written, so i would call it religious more thanmagic ring.
Hope this helps.


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